Well, dear readers, 2017 is drawing to its close.

The holidays have been especially hectic this year as they started earlier than usual; Tony’s company party, which is our marker for the start of our season, was on the 2nd instead of between the 7th-10th. As my final exams did not finish until the 21st (which is late), it was quite the stretch of balancing academic obligations and holiday festivities. Somewhere between the first party and my last day of classes, I fell ill with a flu that turned into a plague. I chose to power through exams instead of deferring them (because, really, who has time to defer?).

In this little window after Christmas and before classes begin again on January 2nd, I’m with Tony at our place in Kimberley to celebrate the New Year. This is our time to relax and unwind together in our private getaway on the ski hill. I like to use this time to reflect on all of the joys, achievements, and lessons, of the year. Tony likes to use this time to reflect on football lol.

This year I have a thesis to work on, which I brought along with me. I would like to have a complete working first draft by January 2nd. Sadly, it looks as though this will not happen until closer to the 9th, or even later, now. Every time I sit down with the thing, I decide that I hate what I have and wind up re-writing entire 10-20 page sections. I lost patience with myself over all of this about a week ago, and hopefully time to unwind will lend some perspective, – or at least cure this strange psychological block I’m experiencing. There is more to this story, but the long and short of it is that I feel behind and this is not a feeling that I enjoy. I’m never ‘behind’ on anything of this nature, as I can usually write papers in my sleep. So what gives?

What I have written above may sound like complaining. To some extent it may be, but really what I seek to express here is excitement about the final push of this year, and excitement to just get this last bit finished. While I have been overextended as of late, I have had a lot of fun too and am motivated by knowing that this last critical period also ushers in the beginning of new and wonderful things for me. In 2018 I will get to marry my love and travel (something I have not been able to do properly since 2013). I’ll also begin a glorious stretch of time away from campus – and enjoy adult living once more.

I’m beyond excited about this whole 2018 business, and welcome it with open arms. Each and every new day of it.