Let’s kick off the shiny new blog with a rather banal, warm-fuzzy type of post. It wouldn’t be fair to impress all of you too much straight out of the gate, after all.

With a new semester around the corner, I am getting back into the groove of prepping and freezing my little meals for school a week or two early. I like to be organised, especially when I’m busy.

This afternoon Tony and I gathered our veggies and tupperware and ventured into our pantry’s deep freezer. I was expecting to find chicken, Haddock, and Salmon. Plenty of the first two – none of the latter. For a brief moment I thought, “Ooooh. You’ve won this round, you handsome devil!” Tony is kind of a fish snob. He only finds certain kinds of prefrozen fish acceptable for human consumption, and he was secretly delighted that we were out of Salmon. On we went to prepping with plenty of what we did have, nonetheless.

I boiled up a nice big pot of potatoes of both the regular and sweet variety, with apples, onions, and carrots, for my world famous no-milk-or-butter-needed mash. Another pot for the green beans. I baked the fish, and Tony grilled the chicken. He also cooked up his parsnips and a turnip. The stove was bubbling away and sounds of happy chopping and cooking filled our little kitchen. It was glorious.

Tonight’s tasty delight, and two days of dins in the fridge. Many more frozen in tupperware, and ready to pop into the microwave for our handy dandy quick meals. No packaged crap or preservatives. Just real, whole, food.

Of course, meal prepping is not a special event. It isn’t even particular to one week, month, or season. As we were doing all of this today, however, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit more ceremonial and even excited about the weeks to come. At the risk of sounding even more trite than the silly girl who just blogged about her fish wars and meal prepping with her fiancé, I do feel the need to share a tidbit with you, dear readers. Early autumn probably is my very favourite time of the year.

In the last few days, deep breaths of the crisp morning air have evoked thoughts of warm lattes cupped by cable-knit adorned hands, walking through parks amidst cascading red and golden leaves, and cozy nights spent indoors and studying. This same crisp air lingers later and later into the days until autumn fully replaces the summer’s sun. This is when the change takes shape, the change that we can all feel. We have had our fun and ventured out into the world, but we are pulling up our collective bootstraps and returning to our warm homes to do some harvesting.

In a manner which would make every single one of my professors cringe, I actually did just make you read all of the above in order to bring you to my point (you’re welcome 🙃):

This is the time of the year that I am more thankful than ever for my own warm home, my sister, a handful of great friends, and for my sweet Tony pie and his crazy family – which aside from my sis is my whole crazy family too. There are one or two of you out there who know the importance this statement holds right now.

Life is far too short. The people who mean everything to us can – and even will – disappear, one by one.

Be kind to those in your life who matter, and don’t swindle yourself by expending your time or energy on the ones who don’t. I say this because I have seen too many people waste their time on toxic relationships, only to regret it once the time has already been spent. Not everyone is horrible, mind you, but toxic people are the ones who for one reason or another are not good for you. Months that we choose to spend as parties to these relationships can turn into years (and even decades) which we never do get back.

The real kicker? These relationships are much easier to identify than most of us want to believe. They really are.

Many of us want to believe that the energy put into these relationships will somehow pay off, when the answer is simply to walk away. If there are people in your life who you give more of yourself to than you receive in return, or who you find yourself trying to figure out, make excuses for, or who bring out the worst in you, then don’t allow the friendship/romance/relation to tax you a day further. Really, just don’t.

All of this now said… Go and share an autumn walk now with a person who you might one day wish more than anything that you could do so with again.