First posts are always awkward, but that Wordsworth guy had the right idea.

To begin (*ahem*),  welcome to my new website and blog. This is just a quick post to let the interwebs know that I am alive and well, and that I am finally getting around to creating my personal space. I really don’t know how often I will write at this point, but I will make an effort to draft a post or two when the mood strikes and as time allows. Rest assured, my friends, I will produce some quality rants and rambles for you.

Oh, and by the by (for those of you who care about copyright and/or proper crediting as much as I do): yes, I will always use quotes as post titles. And yes again, they will always be credited, along with any applicable images, in the tags of each of my posts. To my knowledge, tags are both handy and appropriate for this type of thing.